Translating is an art

A&A Translation and Interpreting Agency has been raising translating and interpreting to an art since 1989. Because only a perfect translation does justice to the content and the importance of an original document or a conversation.

Based on this principle, we have in the meantime built up an extensive expertise. Our working area includes business correspondence, contracts, official documents and international congresses, as well as doctor's visits, witness depositions, court sessions etc.., where the services of an interpreter are necessary. The founder, Ana Maria van den Berg-Barrio Y Mendez, herself a qualified ‘native speaker’ of Spanish, is convinced that the success of A&A Translation and Interpreting Agency is primarily due to the exclusive use of ‘native speakers’, which is a guarantee for a perfect translation.


We provide comprehensive translation and interpreting services in 74 and all of the most frequently required foreign languages. We literally master these languages, from A to Z.
' trans-late 
1 give the meaning of something said or written in another language